Regional Value Managers Oncology

Data: 28-ago-2021

Luogo: Nationwide, Italy, 20124

Società: Daiichi Sankyo Europe

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Daiichi Sankyo and its 15.000 employees in more than 20 countries are dedicated to the creation and supply of innovative pharmaceutical products. In addition to a strong portfolio of medicines for hypertension and thrombotic disorders, the Group’s 2025 vision is to become a “Global Pharma Innovator with Competitive Advantage in Oncology”. Our European headquarters are in Munich, Germany and we have affiliates in 12 European countries. For more information:



Develop and lead the implementation of a robust regional strategy to optimize the access to DS oncology products in collaboration with other key roles; boost DSIT reputation in Oncology amidst regional payers and influencers.


Build and maintain partnerships with Regional Authorities:    
•    Use value story to build trust and shape a supportive healthcare environment to ensure DS reputation growth in oncology among regional access SHs
•    Identify and manage opportunities for partnering with Regional Authorities for the local implementation of the National Healthcare policies in Oncology
•    Partner with Health Assessors for the development of guidelines to ensure patient access to care
•    Ensure and facilitate dialogue between oncology networks and Regional Authorities through tailor made projects/initiatives (i.e. roundtables, advisory boards,..)
•    Develop and maintain a deep and up to date understanding of the regional oncology environment, including mapping of the SHs (decision makers and influencers) and their needs, intelligence and policy monitoring

Support Regions in setting outcome measurement:
•    Support the proper identification of KPIs to document, assess and monitor the outcome of the therapies with DS onco products
•    Provide guidance for the development and customization of pharmacoeconomic data (i.e. HTA, burden of illness, cost/efficacy assessment, budget impact,..) in line with the specific needs and requirements of regional stakeholders, developing quantitative business cases as needed.

Include new DS onco drugs in regional formularies:
•    Develop and communicate mutually beneficial value propositions and provide tools that enhance engagement with decision-makers and payers at the regional level
•    Negotiate with regional payers the best possible access conditions for DS onco products, aligned with the national access strategy
•    Elaborate and present health-economic models to favour the adoption and the maintenance of DS products in regional formularies

Collaborate across the cross functional team to build tailored solutions:
•    Continuously liaise with the DS cross-functional team (and Alliance in field team) sharing and collecting region-specific information to maximize opportunities/remove barriers to patient access at regional level
•    Collaborate with the National Access Lead Oncology and the Medical Benefit Oncology Advisor for adapting at regional level the value message defined within the national access strategy.
•    Collaborate with HEOR providing local data to conduct pharmacoeconomic and outcome assessments to be translated into customized communication tools, materials or services that can be used in SHs interactions according to their needs for pursuing local opportunities.
•    Create communication content to convey the Value Proposition to engage relevant SHs and guide the regional team on how to manage the value story

Actively collaborate to Procurement/Requisitioning and Tender process:
•    Collection of regional specific information regarding regional tenders and procurement processes liaising with Oncology networks members and centralized procurement  bodies
•    Promptly address the insights about tendering and procurement requisitions to internal relevant functions and ensure DS participation legally representing the company within guidelines

Include new DS oncology drugs in Top Account formularies:
•    Develop and communicate mutually beneficial value propositions and provide tools that enhance engagement with decision-makers (Hospital Management and Hospital Pharmacist) within a selection of top accounts at local level
•    Prepare the account access plan and support the implementation of the C-nn activation within assigned top accounts
•    Make use of health-economic models to favour the adoption and the maintenance of DS products in account formularies


•    Cross-functional project management skills and experience                  
•    Prior experience in working in a matrix organization
•    Strong communication, negotiating and influencing skills 
•    Business acumen and result orientation
•    Deep knowledge of the regional access processes, buying processes, formulary reviews etc. in the area of activity                                                                                        
•    Knowledge of the pharmacoeconomic and HTA principles
•    Ability to identify and generate relevant scientific and pharmacoeconomic data for payers
•    Ability to detect, develop and communicate a value proposition in alignment with the affiliate's brand and strategy.
•    Proven ability to identify regional access opportunities to maximise business performance
•    Relevant experience (at least 5 years) in Regional Market Access management within a pharma company in the Oncology field, in the main regions of the assigned area 
•    Good command of English language
•    Willingness to travel extensively and to cover a wide area including more then 1 region
•    We are looking for RVMs based within the following regions:
-    Piemonte
-    Lombardia
-    Veneto
-    Emilia Romagna (o Toscana)
-    Lazio
-    Campania